Terms and Conditions

  • We do not share/store Credit/Debit Card details
  • If the goods are not in stock you will receive a choice to cancel the order or wait for a maximum period of 14 days then if goods are still not in stock you will be entitled to a full refund (when this arises we will contact you).
  • If in stock, delivery will usually take place the next business day. You will also have the right to cancel before any goods have been delivered.
  • If the goods are not to your complete satisfaction, we will give a full refund minus the cost of shipping, within 30 days, provided the goods are returned in the condition in which you receive them, including the packaging and the boxed components.
  • Note: Before making payments through the online terminal, please ensure that all payment details, addresses, contact numbers and names are up to date with the bank or issuing society to avoid complications.
  • When checking out with Payl8r: All financial promotions must now inform the consumer that ‘Missed payments may affect your Credit File, future borrowing and incur fees.